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Donate a little

Your generous donation is the key to their survival, it will put cold water on a food table, baskets of healthy and desirable foodstuffs, and other helpful methods.

Quick fund raise

Fund raises are used to achieve the necessary objectives in our campaigns, be able to respond to emergency situations and fulfill our association's purpose and vision in helping the poor and keep them prideful.

Become a Volunteer

Voluntary work and happiness are two sides of the same coin, in voluntary work you feel more productive, develop, and advance in life and in happiness, the calmness and satisfaction will help you accomplish more.

Food Baskets

Contribute to alleviating the suffering of a family and donate a food basket containing raw materials such as oil, sugar, rice, etc., to suffice them to ask. Donate

Clean Water

Contribute with us to secure clean drinking water for your brothers in the camps. Donate


إكفل يتيماً وساعده في حياته، إكفل طالباً كي يستمر في دراسته، إكفل مريضاً وساعده في علاجه. Donate

Ramadan campaign 1443 AH

Join your hand with us for a better life and future


Preservation of grace association's projects

Our association accomplished numerous projects that had an evident and apparent effect on the people who benefited from it, which resulted in the opening of a free clothing store that welcomes families in need everyday.

School backpacks

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$1.00 Raised

Number of beneficiaries so far

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Total countries
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The number of beneficiaries
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Al-Aman School

Al-Aman School

NDYD Organization has provided a valuable and sustainable service to the residents of Al-Aman village