Displaced Syrians live in western north Idlib, especially in rural areas, in difficult conditions in terms of food security, protection and shelters. 1,500,000 IDPs have been forced to move to areas that were already crowded, making life even more difficult.
The increasing number of IDPs and the absence of organized efforts to protect these IDPs has led to the existence of small, scattered and disorganized camps throughout these areas. Most of these families live in poor quality tents that cannot protect the residents from the harsh weather in winter or summer.
The recent winter floods destroyed about 400 tents in a single day.
Currently there are more than 2,000,000 IDPs in Idlib, 1,043,689 of them live in 1,293 camps and about 185,557 of them live in 382 scattered camps that receive hardly any attention from service providers. Among these IDPs, there are 46,302 widows, 197,856 orphans and 19,310 people with special needs.

To contribute to improving the living conditions of the IDPs, Preservation of Grace acquired a plot of land (about 5,000 square metres) and made initial preparations for the construction of 39 shelters with a children’s playground and a community center. These tiny houses will be provided with the most urgent services such as water and sewage.
The units will be built of brick and cement with concrete roofs, strong enough to allow for future expansion. Each unit consists of two rooms (bedroom and living room), kitchen, bathroom/toilet and additional space for adding stairs and other uses.
The construction area is about 45.5 m2 while the size of each plot with additions and walkways is about 100 m2.
The selection of beneficiaries will be based on the most vulnerable cases such as widows with children, families with disabled members, and large families without income. The focus will also be on families living in scattered camps. These camps do not meet the UN Basic Camp Standards and are not subject to any official management. This makes it difficult for the residents of these camps to access services.

The unit area is about 42 square meters, and each unit consists of two rooms, a kitchen, a bathroom, and an open area for drying clothes and barbecue.