About 10% of Syrian children are orphaned by one or both parents due to the war. Most of these children are left vulnerable to diseases of violence, malnutrition and exploitation, with a large proportion forced to work to support their mothers or younger siblings and their inability to go to school.

The conflict in Syria continues to take a heavy toll on the lives of children. Against a backdrop of violence, ongoing displacement and deteriorating social and economic conditions, children in Syria face multiple protection risks and violations of their rights on a daily basis.

In cooperation with our partners, we launched a project to sponsor 3100 orphans in northern Syria, by providing orphans with cash assistance of 40 pounds sterling for a period of 9 months.

We have worked to select the most vulnerable and needy orphans, who do not have an income to help them overcome this crisis.

Among the objectives of this project were:

Reducing financial pressures on the communities in which orphans live.
Reducing the material and moral pressure on the families of the targeted orphan by providing cash support.
Increasing access to medicine, food and education for the targeted beneficiaries.

This project was implemented in two areas: Idlib city and its countryside, and Azaz city.