The issue of displacement and migration is one of the most challenging problems facing the Syrian people amidst the ongoing ten-year war. According to United Nations reports, more than half of Syria’s population has been displaced from their homes, with approximately 6.7 million people becoming refugees outside the country, while 6.2 million people are living in internally displaced persons (IDP) camps within Syria. These camps suffer from severe shortages of basic resources such as water, food, healthcare, and education.

In this context, NDYD Organization, a non-governmental relief organization established in 2015 and licensed in Turkish territories in 2018, is undertaking a pioneering humanitarian project aimed at providing sustainable solutions for Syrian refugees. The project involves the construction of a residential village consisting of 82 apartments, along with a school and a mosque, called “Al-Salam Village,” to accommodate the displaced.

Al-Salam Village represents a unique model in providing comprehensive services to the displaced, with fully equipped apartments and partial access to clean water and electricity. The village also includes a school that can accommodate 300 students and a mosque that can accommodate 250 worshipers, where Friday prayers, sermons, and religious lessons are held.

Construction work on Peace Village began in October 2022, and it is expected to be completed by June 2023.

Peace Village is a living example of the efforts of non-governmental organizations in supporting the persecuted Syrian people and rebuilding their lives with dignity and security. It is also a message of hope for those who have lost their homes, families, or dreams due to the war. We hope that Peace Village can host the largest possible number of needy families and serve as a seed for establishing similar villages in other areas of Syria.