NDYD Organization has provided a valuable and sustainable service to the residents of Al-Aman village and the surrounding areas through the establishment of the ‘Al-Aman School.’ Building this school is an important project aimed at providing a safe and suitable learning environment for children in the Akarbat area of rural Idlib.

Education for children is one of the top priorities for achieving development and stability in any society. However, communities affected by conflicts and humanitarian crises face significant challenges in providing quality and sustainable education. Unfortunately, the Al-Aman village and its surrounding areas lacked adequate educational infrastructure to meet the needs of the children.

As a non-profit organization working to protect children’s rights and improve living conditions, we decided to invest in the Al-Aman School project to enhance the right to education and reduce the educational gap in the region. The school has been carefully designed to meet the educational needs of children in the village and the adjacent areas.

The Al-Aman School can accommodate 400 students, providing an opportunity for many children to enroll in the school and benefit from high-quality education. The school is equipped with the necessary resources to provide a stimulating and suitable learning environment.

In summary, NDYD Organization has made a significant contribution by building the Al-Aman School in Al-Aman village. By providing a safe and suitable learning environment, the school promotes the right to education and supports comprehensive development for students. This project represents a valuable investment in the future of children and the local community, reflecting Grace Conservation Organization’s commitment to building a better and more sustainable society.

Below are pictures showing different stages of the school’s construction: